Brew Spotlight – Hario V60

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Once you move beyond the cup of Folgers coffee your parents served at dinner parties into the world of specialty coffee, you will find yourself face to face with a variety of brewers that resemble chemistry lab equipment. You’ll encounter coffee beans from regions you’ve had no idea existed (like what exactly is a Yirgacheffe?). It would be easy to assume, “Is coffee this complicated?” We baristas at Maverick hope to introduce and demystify the coffee making experience. Let’s start with arguably the most popular manual brewer on the market today: The Hario V60.

The Hario V60, made in Japan, gets its name from the shape and angle of the cone brewer. Three distinct features make this brewer special: The cone shape, which helps add depth and body to the coffee, the spiral ribs that allow the coffee to expand and vents air for an even brew, and the large hole at the bottom that allows for a more flexible water flow. With that said, the V60 is an adaptable brewer that with simple tools such as a scale, water kettle, grinder, and a good bean (which is by far the most important component in any coffee brewing system); any one can create a complex cup on the V60.

In our experience, the V60 will brew a clean cup that lends itself to more fruit forward coffees and is ideal for a quick single cup. The most important thing to remember is to not over complicate it. Instead, enjoy the ritual of stopping your busy schedule to create and enjoy something that is unique and special. Stop in any time at Maverick and any one of our baristas would be happy to walk you through a V60 experience.

V60 Brew Guide

25 grams of coffee to 380 grams of water
Approx. 2.5 – 3 minutes
Medium/Coarse Grind (like rough ground pepper )

Hario V60 size 02
Hario V60 filters size 02
Mahlkonig EKK43 Grinder
BonaVita Electric Kettle
Acaia Pearl Scale

    pre-rinse the v60

  • Pre-wet filter onto cone
  • coffee grind in v60

  • Add ground coffee in the wet filter and zero the scale
  • v60 brewing

  • Start timer and slowly pour 60g water to the coffee grinds
  • @ 45 seconds, add water in concentric circles until total mass of 200 g
  • @ 1:20, add water in concentric circles until total mass of 300g
  • @ 1:50 – 1:55, add water to center to total 380g
  • rob enjoys coffee!

  • Gently swirl and enjoy

This parameter is just a starting point for making a V60. You can always change the grams of water/beans and or the length of the brew time. Every batch of beans are unique and need to be adjusted for maximum taste.

Coffee Break – Arizona Coffee Culture

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What is coffee culture? Let alone, what is Arizona Coffee Culture? Coffee culture revolves around the community of coffee lovers, beginners to professionals, that band together to share their love for a niche craft. When one thinks of specialty coffee, they may envision the nuanced flavor profiles that come with coffees roasted in Seattle, San Francisco, or even South Carolina. Each of these places have a coffee culture that is unique and dynamic. But what about Arizona? How does Arizona fit into all this?

Arizona coffee culture is warm and inviting. The members of our coffee community support one another and never strive to bring each other down. I’ve seen too many instances where differing local coffee shops pour all their efforts in sabotaging or outdoing one another rather than focusing on the customer. They do their best to be the top dog at the cost of their competitors; However, Arizona has defied that trend. Just in the past five years, I’ve seen a tremendous growth in coffee culture throughout Arizona.

Take a look at Peixoto Coffee. In 2017, Maverick Coffee and Peixoto Coffee partnered together to expand Peixoto’s presence throughout North Phoenix and Scottsdale. Peixoto Coffee has continued to support and work along other local companies for the people instead of for themselves. Peixoto even created a collaboration bean with a “competitor” when they made the Dos Niñas blend with Presta Coffee Roasters in Tucson.

This is why Maverick Coffee works along side other local coffee companies. In 2017, Maverick introduced Presta Coffee Roasters, Yellowbrick Coffee, Peixoto Coffee Roasters, and Cartel Coffee Labs to its line of coffee because we see the best of Arizona Coffee Culture in each of these companies.

Let’s continue to nurture this Arizona Coffee Culture of supporting one another and creating great coffee for the people of Arizona.

Coffee Break – Light, Medium, or Dark Roast. Which is King?

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Have you noticed that most modern coffee shops’ offerings tend to be fairly acidic and bright? That’s because light roast coffee is designed to highlight the natural flavors of the coffee bean and showcase the superior sourcing that a particular roaster has undertaken. Despite a focus on sourcing from quality farms and trying to educate consumers on growing conditions and their effects on coffee development, most coffee drinkers are motivated by one key determining factor: Taste. An overwhelming majority of coffee consumed is medium to medium-dark roast, which through Maillard reactions and caramelization actually helps to develop the flavor profile and produce a more balanced cup. Just like any other specialty beverage, there are many camps that have a favorite flavor profile that they will vehemently defend and that’s totally okay. The important thing is that everyone is enjoying coffee and the world’s second highest traded commodity continues to evolve past the office pot swill or a scoop of instant to only get the caffeine buzz. Trying all types of coffee is the only way to really broaden your horizons and develop a more complex palate. Only then will you be able to make a truly informed decision about your favorite styles of coffee roasting. Don’t let the “specialty’ industry dictate what you should like. Go with your gut, or in this case your taste buds.

Coffee Break – The Simple Home Barista

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Coffee has taken the world to whole new level in artistry and practice. There are now hundreds of method in extracting coffee which all yield different flavor profiles, textures, and colors. Specialized coffee paraphernalia are readily available for the at-home enthusiast ranging from pour over stations and cold brew kits, to full espresso machines. But how about your everyday man or woman who just wants a great cup of coffee in the morning?

The simple home barista kit has served me well in getting that great cup of coffee with only three simple items.

    The Coffee

The coffee bean is the heart of any cup. With even the best equipment in the world, coffee is limited only to the quality of the beans. Make sure to invest in good quality beans (preferably from local roaster).

    The Grinder

Coffee grinders come in various shapes and functions. But for the simple home barista, an electric blade coffee grinder is more than enough to get you started. (On a tangent) I personally use a handheld stainless steel coffee grinder at home to grind my coffee. While it does require a bit of arm work, the grind is a lot more consistent than an electric blade grinder.

    The Brew

Finally to bring it all together,a french press is my best recommendation to brew your coffee. A french press is remarkable in providing consistent coffee without the hassle of buying filters or other accessories. All a french press requires is coarse coffee, hot water, and time. The simplicity of the french press gives you the time to finish your routine while the coffee brews.

Brew guidelines

This is Maverick Coffee’s method in brewing a french press
12 oz french press
22 grams of coffee
coarse grind (sea salt like)
340 grams of water (13-14 oz)
Brew for 4 minutes

Coffee Break – What is a Multi-Roaster Coffee Shop?

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You may have seen that Maverick advertises itself as a multi-roaster coffee shop, but what does that mean for you? Simply put, a multi-roaster coffeeshop is where the shop purchases and sells beans from various roasters instead of making their own product. As a customer, this is great because you are not narrowed down to a specific company’s beans. Instead, you can pick from a variety of roasters that each have unique flavor profiles and styles of roasting.

Being a multi-roaster has its gives and takes though. Because multi-roaster concepts typically do not roast their own beans, they are completely dependent on roaster schedules and whether or not those companies are able to distribute a requested bean due to seasonality or delays in supply. Multi-rosters also don’t have control over the flavor profiles of the beans they sell. The coffee that’s available is really dependent on the individual roasters and their partnered farms.

However; Once a great multi-roaster concept is executed, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Being a multi-roaster gives up-and-coming local roasters a chance to hit the shelves and gain the recognition they deserve. This was how Maverick Coffee discovered great coffee produced locally such as Peixoto, Presta, and Yellow Brick Coffee.

The beans on our shelves were selectively chosen because we believe that those beans embody and nurture the Arizona Coffee Culture.


Learn more about our coffee partners.


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