Coffee Break – The Simple Home Barista

December 11th, 2017 Posted by Coffee Break 0 thoughts on “Coffee Break – The Simple Home Barista”

Coffee has taken the world to whole new level in artistry and practice. There are now hundreds of method in extracting coffee which all yield different flavor profiles, textures, and colors. Specialized coffee paraphernalia are readily available for the at-home enthusiast ranging from pour over stations and cold brew kits, to full espresso machines. But how about your everyday man or woman who just wants a great cup of coffee in the morning?

The simple home barista kit has served me well in getting that great cup of coffee with only three simple items.

    The Coffee

The coffee bean is the heart of any cup. With even the best equipment in the world, coffee is limited only to the quality of the beans. Make sure to invest in good quality beans (preferably from local roaster).

    The Grinder

Coffee grinders come in various shapes and functions. But for the simple home barista, an electric blade coffee grinder is more than enough to get you started. (On a tangent) I personally use a handheld stainless steel coffee grinder at home to grind my coffee. While it does require a bit of arm work, the grind is a lot more consistent than an electric blade grinder.

    The Brew

Finally to bring it all together,a french press is my best recommendation to brew your coffee. A french press is remarkable in providing consistent coffee without the hassle of buying filters or other accessories. All a french press requires is coarse coffee, hot water, and time. The simplicity of the french press gives you the time to finish your routine while the coffee brews.

Brew guidelines

This is Maverick Coffee’s method in brewing a french press
12 oz french press
22 grams of coffee
coarse grind (sea salt like)
340 grams of water (13-14 oz)
Brew for 4 minutes